Friday, April 22, 2011


Reflection for Good Friday based on the song, "Why?", by Michael Card.

It was suppose to be different.
It was not suppose to end this way.
Where are the Trumpets?
Where is the joy?
Where are your friends?
Where was the crowd cheering and praising you?
Kings were supposes to bow before you?

Now there is just you alone, derided, and dying.
No friends.
No crowds shouting your name.
Now there are nails and thorns.
Now there is a cross and darkness.

The Earth shakes at this death.
Why is this story?
My God, my God!
In the darkness as the earth shakes I wonder why?
Why am I so scared?
Why am I so worried?
Why do I deny and desert you?
Why do I give thorns and nails to the one I am supposed to love?

Because instead of love I want power.
Instead of suffering I want comfort.
Instead of your will I desire my own.
The story must end this way because we reject, deny, and betray you.
We offer thorns and Nails instead of love, peace, and hope.
Now on this cross we see clearly the way it is suppose to be.

Love given.
Forgiveness offered.
Sacrifice made.
God’s love poured out.
“This is why---for you my deserter, my betrayer, my denier, my executioner I give love, peace, and hope.”

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