Monday, April 1, 2013

Your Grace Covers Me?

Can your grace really cover me?
You see through me, into me.
You see all the parts I hide from everyone else.
You see through my defenses, protections, pretensions, and pronouncements of grandeur.
You see through my cover-up.
Even when I don’t want you to see me you are there.
Just as you saw through Peter’s Pronouncements of loyalty.
Just as you saw through Judas to his true heart.
Just as you saw through John, James, Bartholomew, Andrew, Philip, Matthew, Thomas and knew they were not strong enough.
You saw through Pilate and Herod’s titles and power.
You saw through the Chief Priest and scribes to see their hypocrisy.
Just like all of them you see through me too.

Can your grace really cover all of those ugly parts of me?
Can your grace really cover my sins?
Surely there are limits to your love?
Surely you can’t forgive all of us.
Surely we have gone too far.
Your grace must be for someone else.
Some one better.
More righteous.
More loyal
More faithful
More trustworthy
More hard working
More contrite
More honest
Just more
But not me!
Can’t be

But on that cross
With hands and feet nailed
With a crown of thorns on your head
With mocking and ridicule
You say, “Forgive them father”
Forgive your persecutors, betrayers, deniers, deserters, mockers.
Forgive those who drove the nails into your hands and feet.
Those who hit you, and spat on you.
Those who lied to have you convicted.
Those who now celebrate your death.
Those people you forgive.

Your grace is amazing.
It really does cover all sins.
Without condition or pronouncements
Yes your grace even flows down to me.
It really does cover all those ugly places only you know about.
As I sit in this dark space.
As I think what happened to you.
I am laid bare with all my sin.
I have no more pronouncements of innocence.
I have no more pretensions about my greatness.
I have no more defenses at being a good person.
I simply want your grace to cover me.
As we read the story of your suffering
We remember your amazing love
Let it flow down and cover me with your amazing grace.

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