Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Last week we talked about things in our life that we need to leave behind, things we need to let go of.
It would be a shame to leave lent with only taking away things.
Today I would like to talk about things we need to add to our life.
I know when I say this you are probably thinking that it would be impossible to add one more thing to your life.
I know that we are all busy and that life at this time is hectic.
But what I am talking about this morning is not about adding another chore or task on to your list.
Instead, I want to talk about adding God into our lives.

I know that if you are in worship this morning you already know and love God.
I am not questioning anyone’s dedication or desire to know God.
But this week I was talking with some of my pastor colleagues here in Concord about over functioning.
One of my colleagues said that they have been operating for too long as a “functional atheist”.
I really loved that term and wanted us to think this morning about our own lives and if we were also operating as a functional atheist.

Here is what it means to be a functional atheist.
It means to act as if God can’t or isn’t doing anything.
It means to act as if everything in life depends solely on you and what you do.
That you have to do it all because if you don’t then everything will fall apart and nothing will work out.
I wonder if this is why we are often so busy in our lives, or if this is why we keep our kids so busy.
Because if we didn’t do everything than it would all just be a mess.
If we don’t push our kids they won’t get into the perfect college, they won’t have the perfect life.
Dr.Louis M. Profeta an Emergency Physician Practicing in Indianapolis,Indiana wrote an article that I read this week that touched on our obsession with our kids being over programmed.
 “We have become a frightened society that can literally jump from point A to point Z and ignore everything in between. We spend so much time worrying about who might get ahead - and if we're falling behind - that we have simply lost our common sense.”
We live in fear and in the process we are cutting God out of our lives, it is time to add God back in.

In today’s reading, we hear of the prophet’s vision given by God.
In the vision a valley of dried up, dead bones are brought to life.
God’s spirit is breathed into them.
God is added back in.
"Mortal, can these bones live?"
The answer that the prophet gives is instructive, "O Lord God, you know."
The answer rests in the hands of God.
And this is an important part of our lives that we sometimes are too busy to see.
That God is working, that God is moving.
We are just too busy trying to lock down the outcome to comprehend it.
We forget that just as the bones were brought to new life, we too can rise from bad situations.
This is the life of a Christian death and resurrection.

This was the mistake often of Israel that instead of deferring to God they would try to figure out the answer on their own, they gave up on God all together, and in doing just made themselves miserable, because in the middle of death and exile God is at work.
God is doing something new.
God is breathing spirit into those bones.

And lent is a good time to add this to our life.
And that is God’s spirit.
It is trusting in God to pull us through, to help us through, and to give us strength.
If we don’t then well we are functional atheist.
We say we believe in God, but we don’t act like.
Our life doesn’t reflect it, because we are scheming to make it better, to fix it.

As I said last week I am reading Alcoholic Anonymous Big Book as a Lenten devotional.
In a chapter about how AA works there is a section of identifying the problem.
One of the biggest problems is self-centeredness.
Here is what it says about getting rid of our self-centered life.
“First of all, we had to quit playing God.
It didn’t work.
Next, we decided that hereafter in this drama of life; God was going to be our Director.
He is the Principal; we are his agents.
He is the Father; we are his children.”
This could be said for all of our lives.
That if we desire to be spiritual people, we have to admit that trying to play God doesn’t work for us.
Instead, we have to give up our trying to do it all, and add God to our lives.

Let me tell you how I think this could play out in a practical way.
So next time you have a problem.
Instead of thinking, “What should I do about this problem?”
Try to think this instead, “What is God up to here in my life?”
What Do I need to pay attention to?
What does this say to me about God, about myself.
And then in the next step give the problem over to God.
Say, “I can’t solve this problem it is too big for me.
It is too overwhelming for me to handle.
God you take it.”
And then wait and see what happens.
Don’t do anything.

When I do this a few things happen.
First, it is really hard.
It is hard not to do anything to merely wait.
It is hard to not try to jump in and solve the problem, make it go away.
It is hard to let God take the lead.
Second, I usually gain some perspective about the issue.
I don’t have as much overreaction and fear.
Third, I actually feel better.
It brings me comfort to know that not everything depends on me.
That I can let some things go.

Every year we have a Swedish Meatball dinner.
I love this dinner.
I love it a lot.
I love it for a couple of reasons.
One, I am Swedish and I am proud of my heritage just as I am hope you are proud of your heritage whatever that may be.
Second, I really enjoy cooking Swedish meatballs.
Third, I really enjoy eating Swedish meatballs.
Fourth, it is one of the events that we all do together as a congregation, just about everyone helps out in some way.
Fifth, it is one of the things that our congregation is known for in our community.
When I first moved here and mentioned what congregation I was from some people would say, “That is the church that has the meatball dinner.”
My first reaction when we talked about not having it was to jump in and say that I would do it.
But I felt the urge to step in and do it myself; instead I thought “what might God be up to here?”
Second, I said that if God wants us to have a meatball dinner God will send someone else to step up and lead it.
Nothing says we have to have a Swedish meatball dinner even if I wanted one.
You see we need to add God into our lives, because that is where we draw strength that is where we come to understand the world and see things as they really are.

I know that many people here this morning are dealing with a lot more significant issues than are we going to have a meatball dinner or not.
And I only offer this as a small example of how we can add God into our everyday decision making process.
How we can add God so we can let go of other things.

We might feel like a valley of dry bones.
When we feel this way the only answer is to add God.
To add God’s spirit into our lives so we might see a vision of life that God wants us to see.
God wants us to see the vision of a valley full of life.

Today I hope for all of you that God be added into your life so you might experience resurrection in the midst of death.

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