Thursday, February 26, 2009

Me and my family.

This is me and my family. They are my greatest blessing. The loves of my life. My wife Vicki (Everyone says she looks like Anne Hathaway. I think she is much more beautiful then that.), my son Charlie (Likes to call himself Batman), and my daughter Phoebe (A true Princess).

First Blog

Welcome to my new Blog. I will be attempting to add some thoughts here about the nature of the world, our lives, and God's interaction with us. Some of it will personal, some political, and some hopefully funny. Of course, whenever we undertake to understand God and our interaction with him all we can do is guess about what God is calling us to do. In faith we act out our lives as Christians knowing that our actions are not what save us, but it is through God's grace and love. I have no claim to be anything other then a person who loves God, and tries to follow God's way in my life. If you are someone who already has all the answers then this is not a blog for you. But if you like questions and soul searching then you might enjoy this Blog.
A few things about me. I am a Lutheran Pastor of a small congregation in Concord, New Hampshire. We live in a great city. I have a wife and two darling children. Everyday is a great blessing from God. I try not to waste that blessing but use it to serve God and others. However, like most people I fail at even at that most basic level.